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Northern International Montessori School is located in

Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are a Montessori preschool

with a goal of providing a child development focused

approach to education for a new generation of parents.

Everything we do is important, and the process for

choosing the school for your child should be important

to your family as well. We are celebrating the

individuality of your child and the person they will

become in life. This is why we attenuate your child's

learning environment to their inner drive.

We understand that we do things different. We explain

things in great detail and we ask a lot of questions.

However, the results show the differences it makes in

the children. New parents often tell us that they have

noticed differences in behavior, language, and their

child’s desire for independence. We are here to

empower your child to be confident and have freedom

within limits to explore their environment. We often

ask parents about what is happening with the children

at home. We are in tune with their needs and wants,

and do our best to hunt down the smallest change that

can help your child to adapt to the learning


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The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.       -- Maria Montessori