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Northern International Montessori School currently features three programs: Toddler Prep Primary Lower Elementary Summer Camp Please follow our Facebook page for program information and enrollment events.


Ages 2yrs to 3yrs The Toddler Prep classroom is ideally suited for 2-3 year old children. This class will help children (and parents!) with the child’s journey toward independence. Our language rich environment and strategy of child enablement assists the child to grow their self-confidence and broadens their learning experiences.


Ages 3yrs to 6yrs The Primary classrooms at NIMS is designed to capture the interests of the child and encourage them to explore the beautiful environment. The developing child during this age span is learning to be independent, and capable of absorbing more information from their surroundings. It is during this period that we provide them with sensory experiences, life skills, mathematics, language, geography, reading, and writing. The mixed-age classroom provides the community experience needed to meet the needs of the social development that is occuring during this time.


Ages 7yrs to 9yrs NIMS is opening a lower elementary classroom scheduled for August 2026. More details will be announced as the details are finalized. Enrollment priority will be given to NIMS currently enrolled students.


Ages 18-36 months & 3 - 6yrs The NIMS Summer Camp program is centered around experiences in art and crafts presented in line with the Montessori methodology. Social skills abound while reinforcing the classroom community culture. Please see our Facebook for Summer Camp details and offerings.
The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.       -- Maria Montessori 